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You’ve endured so much during your past weekdays and now the weekend is in full swing. One of the best ways to get the most out of your weekend is spending time at a high-quality day spa. Let’s reclaim your weekend for fun instead of chores! Although it sounds costoso and time-consuming when visiting any good spa, the results you can get after your visit are definitely worth your drive and expense. Check below for some reasons why you should go to a professional beauty salon, especially on the weekend.

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Many salons have excellent interior designs, which makes their clients feel great. Immersing yourself into a beautiful theme, listening to nice music, being wrapped around by essential oil fragrances, and being pampered and cared for by friendly staff have the huge power to release negativity from your mind and put you at ease.

Created from the need to bring a sense of self-care to the manicure and pedicure experience, Trio Nail Lounge is a relaxing oasis in the heart of San Antonio, providing high-end nail services to nurture body, mind and soul. We offer relaxing mani-pedis, luxurious facials, the latest nail trends, gracious service, and the cleanest products possible in a design-forward environment. Treat your mind and body to a day of relaxation with one of our high-quality nail salon and day spa services.
At Bonitas nails spa Mesa, Arizona 85206 | Nail salon Mesa AZ, your health, safety and satisfaction come first. We offer the highest levels of professionalism and sanitation for all clients while keeping our prices reasonable. We know everything on how to do manicures and pedicures. Check it out!

What is a full manicure?

A manicure and/or gel manicure is where we concentration on your “actual/real” nails; trimming and shaping your nails, the cuticles, and polishing on polish or gel polish on your nails. ... Full Set = applying artificial nails and/or solar powder to your existing nails.

What Are Gel Nails?

Let’s cover gels first. Gel nails are made by a three-step process, which consists of brushing a base coat, nail polish, and top coat over your natural nails. With each coat, the nail is placed under a UV light for somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes to cure. Once cured, the layer of gel polish hardens and won’t smudge like a regular nail polish. The final result is nails that sport a glossy and freshly manicured look.
If you want to extend the length of your natural nails, gel nails also come in handy. Gel extensions, we’re looking at you! This popular technique consists of an extended tip, typically made of acrylic, that’s attached to the ends of your nails. Next, your nails undergo the normal process of applying a gel nail polish system and being placed under a UV lamp to set.

Bonitas nails spa | Nail salon Mesa AZ 85206

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Moving onto acrylics! Acrylic nails are made of a combination of liquid and powder that’s laid over your natural nail with a brush. Once the mixture is applied, your nails are filed and shaped to emulate the look of natural nails. After your acrylic nails are shaped, each nail is painted with a base coat, nail polish color, and top coat. Nails are then set under a fan to dry.

Bonitas nails spa | Nail salon Mesa AZ 85206

At Bonitas Nails Spa | Nail salon in Mesa, we have 10 years of experience in the nails industry. We provide a variety of qualified lacquers and gel polish to make your nail become much more beautiful.

Our well-trained and friendly technicians will pamper you, make sure you satisfy with all our services such as Shellac Gel Nails - Solar Nail - Acrylic - Acrylic Gel - Creative OPI - Nail Arts - Manicure - Organic Spa Pedicure. All disinfected instrument in autoclave alkaline and the free liners on each chair at our salon will ensure your health and your safety when using our services.

Let's visit, have a relaxing time and become prettier after enjoying the best service of Bonitas nails spa. We are sure you will have a wonderful experience. Book now!

Bonitas nails spa | Nail salon 85206
Address: 1545 South Power Road #108 Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: 480-656-9555

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